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Statement of Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald, Jr.


May 11, 2016

In response to inquiries from the press and the public, I am able to confirm that Plymouth County Deputy James Creed of this department was the officer responsible for intervening and stopping an apparent random attack at the Galleria Mall in Taunton Tuesday evening.

Deputy Creed, who joined PCSD in 2005, was off-duty and dining with his wife at the restaurant as events unfolded. As an academy-trained officer, he discharged a single round from his personal firearm, bringing the attack to an end. He then remained at the scene to render aid to the victims and Mr. DaRosa. He was in civilian clothes at the time of these events.

This investigation is under the direction of Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn, Massachusetts State Police assigned to his office, and Taunton Police.

On a personal level, understandably I am proud of Deputy Creed, his heroic actions and his ability to apply his professional training and restraint in an obviously traumatic and perilous situation. I am also relieved that through his swift and deliberate response, additional loss of life or injury to other bystanders was averted.

I also want to extend my condolences to the families of those who have suffered losses from these tragic events, and offer wishes of a safe recovery for those injured.

Plymouth county Deputy sheriff james creed likely saved lives, prosecutor says

The Boston Globe
John Ellement
May 11, 2016

James Creed was dining with his wife at a restaurant in a Taunton mall Tuesday night when Arthur DaRosa stormed in and began stabbing first a waitress and then a high school teacher    Read More