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Statement of Sheriff McDonald Upon the Shootings Of Public Safety Officers in Baton Rouge and Dallas

It is with deep sadness that We in the Sheriff’s Department observe the untimely deaths of three dedicated law enforcement officers in Louisiana, coming so soon after the sacrifice of five Dallas officers just days earlier.

Among these honored heroes was a brother Deputy, which brings home to each of us the burden taken up by all those sworn to protect and serve the public.

Above the discord of recent rhetoric, I am reminded of President Grant’s words to a strife weary nation – “We must have peace.”’

prison holds job fair aimed at employing inmates leaving correctional facility

Bobbi Clarke
June 23, 2016

PLYMOUTH - Most people know about job fairs, but it’s likely that not many know about a job fair that occurs at a correctional facility. And just such a job fair took place at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility. READ MORE