Plymouth Bristol Emergency Notification/Alert System

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Missing out on notifications? Add your Smartphone (cell or mobile), text number and email address to receive important notifications related to your neighborhood:

**Plymouth County and Bristol County residents use our Self Registration Portal**

Important: The system is based on geographic location. Your number and email must be associated with a street address to receive appropriate alerts.

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The Plymouth Bristol Emergency Notification/Alert System powered by The Communicator! is in operation. Local officials in the towns of Plymouth and Bristol counties are able to utilize the geography-based telephone calling system to notify residents of urgent situations. The system is administered by Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald Jr.’s Field Services division.

Below you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions from the public and media on the usage of the Plymouth Bristol Emergency Notification/Alert System and The Communicator! technology.




Who decided to send out the call?
Your local public safety officials contacted the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department and its Communicator professionals to request a call be placed on their behalf.

How do you have my number? I’ve registered with the Do Not Call List.
The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department received a Homeland Security grant to purchase 911 numbers from Verizon; the purchase includes published and unpublished telephone landline numbers. Verizon provides updates to the Sheriff’s Department on a quarterly basis.

I don’t have a landline; may I register a mobile phone?
Yes, if you’ve abandoned your landline for a mobile phone you may register a mobile number with the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department. In order to assure you only receive message relevant to your residence, we require you associate that mobile number with a street address. An online form and mail-in form is available on the Sheriff’s Department website, select Community Programs then Communicator. See below.

What if I’m not home, will there be a message waiting for me?
The Communicator system will leave a message on your answering machine or a voicemail if you are not able to pick up the call.

Why wasn’t I notified sooner?
The Communicator system is one of the many tools public safety officials can utilize to properly handle an incident or emergency. We don’t expect the decision to prepare a script for the Communicator to come before traditional police work. Calls are placed in real time at a rate of 1,000 calls every 15 minutes.

My neighbors and I received the call, but my friend across town didn’t, why?
Often times the contents of a Communicator call only concern residents of a particular neighborhood or section of town. The call area selected is a determination made by your local officials and the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department upon the urgency and significance of the call.

How will I know when the situation is over? Will you call me again?
Many scheduled informational Communicator calls come with an end time; other calls are urgent in nature and lack a foreseen resolution. Local officials and the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department will determine based on real-time decisions whether the severity of the incident, coverage/lack of coverage by the media and time of day to decide or not to send a follow-up call.

Caller ID said the Sheriff’s office was calling, but there was silence on the other end of the line.There are limits to all technologies. We have received infrequent reports of a delay from the time the receiver is picked up to the time the recording begins. If you see the Sheriff’s Office on your caller ID, please stay on the line a few seconds longer to assure you receive the Communicator message.

I am a member of the public and have additional questions; to whom shall I direct my concerns about the Communicator system? Please contact the Field Services Division of the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department and its Director James Muscato at 508-830-6230 or


A review/reader/listener called the station and said you called about an incident? Local public safety officials may have requested the assistance of the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department and its Communicator system to contact your viewer/reader/listener and other area residents.

I’d like to hear the call myself, is it possible to get a copy of the call for use in my story?
Yes, an mp3 audio file of the Communicator call for use in your text, multimedia, radio or television stories is available. Please contact Sara Lavoie, Public Information Officer, at the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department at 508-830-6264 or to request an email copy.


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