The Plymouth County Sheriff's Department Honor Guard Creed

I am a loyal and dedicated member of the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Honor Guard

My standards of conduct and judgment, high level of professionalism for public service place me above all those who are in my profession.

I have sacrificed and, trained very hard earning the right to wear the ceremonial uniform.

I am well disciplined and conditioned to perfect all movements with precision throughout every drill and ceremony.

The level at which I perform will never be dictated or compromised by the type of ceremony I am in attendance of.

A resounding presence, maintaining my bearing, an endurance both mentally and physically are invisible to audiences by never showing restlessness do to the severity of the temperature, nor the size of the crowd.

I am constantly driven to excel by a strong sense of dedication unknown to many others who have not tasted the sweet taste of self accomplishment.

While on ceremonies, I stand sharp and crisp, motionless by choice, for I have voluntarily chosen to be a member of the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Honor Guard. “And So I am A Plymouth County Honor Guardsman.”

Captain Dwayne Fortes