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The Plymouth County Bureau of Criminal Investigation, or BCI, helps local police with technical aspects of their investigations. BCI Deputies work in the field collecting evidence and taking photographs and fingerprints at crime scenes and traffic accidents.

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BCI assists local police at crime and accident scenes, most often by taking photographs and gathering forensic evidence. Annually, BCI field deputies perform over 10,000 crime scene investigations at the request of police departments throughout Plymouth County.

The Sheriff's Department is equipped to handle the entire crime scene process from investigation, preparation, analysis and identification. Hair and blood samples for DNA testing can be prepared and are sent off-site for testing.

At its laboratory in Plymouth, BCI processes and analyzes fingerprints and other evidence. The majority of the investigations are conducted in Plymouth County, but BCI doesn't stop there. It has assisted law enforcement agencies outside the county such as the State Police, FBI, Barnstable County, Norfolk County and Bristol County. These agencies look to BCI for the technical expertise necessary for identifying suspects.

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