The Plymouth County Correctional Facility houses approximately 1,650 inmates, making it the largest correctional facility under one roof in New England. The jail holds a diverse male inmate population, including county, state and federal prisoners. Some have been sentenced; others are awaiting trial. Opened in 1994, PCCF's design and operation reflects contemporary corrections management practices. PCCF is accredited by the American Correctional Association and in its most recent compliance audit the facility received a 100% score through county public safety efforts.

In order to ensure our local community and surrounding counties are as safe as possible we have created multiple departments to spread the work load. The main department groups aside from our administration staff are as follows:

  • Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)
  • Civil Process
  • Communications
  • The Farm & Horticultural Center
  • Field Services
  • The Plymouth County Correctional Facility
  • Training

Some of the groups above also contain smaller more specific sub groups. To find out more about them visit the department page your are most curious about!