Department Overview

The Plymouth County Correctional Facility is designed to hold more than 1,200 inmates, making it the largest correctional facility under one roof in New England. The jail holds a diverse population, including county, state, and federal prisoners. Some inmates have been sentenced; others are awaiting trial. Opened in 1994, the PCCF's design reflects modern corrections management practices, allowing for safe and secure operation. It is accredited by the American Correctional Association.

In addition to providing for the security and safety of inmates, PCCF offers rehabilitative, educational, and vocational programs. Qualified inmates are eligible for work assignments within the facility, on the County farm, or in supervised work crews. Many communities and non-profit civic organizations have benefited from labor done by inmate work crews and by the print shop program.

The department also supports its K-9, Warrant Apprehension and Honor Guard. The Communications Department coordinates all fire mutual aid in the county, serves as the communications link between paramedics and hospitals, and provides communications services at the scene of major events. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation assists local police in collecting and analyzing evidence from crime scenes, and in photographing major traffic accident scenes. All public safety support services are provided at the request of local police and fire departments.

The Civil Process Department, headquartered in Brockton, dispatches deputies to serve legal documents in civil cases. Fees paid by attorneys and plaintiffs for delivery of these documents fund the division’s operation.

Today, the Plymouth County Sheriff's Department employs more than 500 professional people, making it one of the largest employers in Plymouth County.