Mobile Firing Range

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Plymouth County Sheriff's Department has its very own state of the art mobile firing range. It is fully equipped with the most advanced training capabilities. The trailer of the truck contains moving targets and live action hostage scenarios for officers to train with. We use this mobile firing range to train our local officers as well as officers from surrounding communities.

2012 Top Gun Winner: Deputy Patrick Hayden

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(L to R): Captain Dwayne Fortes, Deputy Patrick Hayden, Sheriff
Joseph D. McDonald Jr., Captain Bob Bethoney

November 26, 2011 - Deputy Patrick Hayden won the coveted distinction of "Plymouth County Sheriff’s Top Gun Champion" during the department’s annual competition.

On Saturday, November 26, 2011, more than 30 deputies arrived at the East Bridgewater outdoor range to accept the challenge. The competition involved both timed and highest score events, with three weapons in each event; pistol, shotgun, and patrol rifle (22 caliber). Shooters had to break skeets, as well as balloons in the wind. Officers were timed in the assembly of their weapons and color target shooting from a distance of 50 yards and closer.

There was a 5-phase elimination with a designated number of shooters, until the final two shooters were left. However, the competition was fierce and Lt. Paul Foran and Deputy Patrick Hayden found themselves locked in a tie on the final round. That led to a sudden death match with the winner on the dueling tree.

Firearms Instructors, Captain Bob Bethoney and Captain Dwayne Fortes, extended an open invitation to all Plymouth County Deputies, with current certifications and in service training, to earn the Top Gun title.

2011 Top Gun Winner: Lt. Mark Correia

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(L to R): Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald Jr, Top Gun Lt. Mark Correia,
Firearms Capt. Bob Bethoney

March 12, 2011 - The annual Plymouth County Sheriff's Department Top Gun Competition was held Saturday, March 12, 2011 at the East Bridgewater Police Range. A final :30 plate shoot determined the year's Top Gun. Watch it here! K-9 Lt. Mark Correia beat Jason Molino of the BCI Unit. Congratulations!

2010 Top Gun Winner: Deputy Michael Martin

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(L to R): Top Gun Finalists Deputy Michael Seele, Deputy Sgt.Phil Huang,
Deputy Michael Martin, Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald Jr, BCI Deputy
William Rovelto, and Deputy Tony Melendez

February 20, 2010 - The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department held its annual Top Gun finals under the direction of Captain Robert Bethoney. After the smoke cleared Deputy Michael Martin beat out his coach BCI Deputy William Rovelto in the final shot. Congratulations to Deputy Martin and all the finalists.